Students in Purpose Built Student Accommodation (“PBSA”) report higher grades and greater wellbeing

Research released from Octopus Real Estate, part of the Octopus Group, reveals the significant difference student accommodation has on academic performance and mental and physical health.

The Student Accommodation Impact Report, which surveyed over 1,000 students who currently attend or have completed a degree at a British university, reveals the importance that students’ environments can play on final results, with PBSA leading the way. Academic performance is becoming increasingly important with the backdrop of rising student uncertainty, higher debt levels and a tough job market.

Increased health and well-being

Student well-being is playing a significant role in the mental health discussion in the UK, with students recognised as vulnerable to isolation and facing social, academic and financial pressures. The Octopus Real Estate report highlights the higher levels of well-being experienced among students in PBSA. Students in their first year are more likely to be ‘very satisfied’ with their mental health (34%), compared to those living in halls (23%). This trend continues throughout students’ years at university.

The value of a technology-enabled environment

Better technology facilities within PBSA clearly contributes to student contentment and academic performance. Four in ten first year students living in in PBSA rated technology as ‘excellent’, compared to less than a quarter in halls of residence. Access to top tech facilities appears to have a strong bearing on grades. On average throughout the years at university, students who achieved top grades (over 70%) are almost twice as likely to have prioritised the use of technology when choosing accommodation (21%), compared to those who achieved 69% in their grades or lower (13%).

Gavin Eustace, Head of Residential Development at Octopus Real Estate commented:

“Purpose-Built Student Accommodation accounts for under a third of the market, but the sector is growing strongly and offers a huge opportunity for developers. We’re proud to champion this sector, as demand for specialised student accommodation continues to rise. At a time when the job market and financial pressures for students are so high, developers are making a positive impact with PBSA on student academic performance and health.”

To see the Student Accommodation Impact Report, click here.