Steel yourself… Add value to your home

Q: I’m thinking about replacing my steel windows. What are the key considerations? Can they add value to my property?

A: With the housing market buoyant – experts predict a housing boom – steel windows specialist Crittall gives handy advice…

Making home improvements such as replacing your windows and doors is one way of adding value to your property.

Yet, getting it wrong could wipe thousands of pounds off its market worth.

Correctly installing high quality steel windows adds value to the investment you’ve made in your home – an important consideration when it comes time to sell. But, do your homework before making a final purchasing decision. Which brand, which style, and most importantly, which material should you choose?

Moving or staying put, with increasing signs of the housing market booming again, now’s the ideal time to start making the outside of your house ship-shape again – a ‘facelift’ doesn’t just enhance the look of your home, but adds to its value.

British pioneers of steel frame windows over 160 years ago, Crittall Windows, advises it’s essential to ensure you install the window brand it says it is – only the original, genuine, make. There are window companies claiming to be providing that, but are not.

Steel windows and doors: an investment in your future

Most likely your home is the biggest investment you will ever make. Why not protect that investment, and save on costly energy bills, by choosing high quality, well designed, stylish steel windows?

Whether it’s a restoration, renovation, extension or a replacement, there’s an extensive choice of windows and doors suiting every style of home. You can personalise your home’s appearance, bring the heritage of your home to life. Reputable window installers will know which aspects of the Building Regulations are applicable to your property.

Steel yourself

Today, window frames are available in many materials, styles and colours. But, how too often have you seen in your own street the appearance of houses irrevocably spoiled by an inappropriate window design?

Seen the originals hacked out, replaced with alien styles and materials – totally out of keeping with the property’s intended design (in some cases reducing its value too)?

It happens everywhere – it’s just not worth spoiling the look of a property and affecting its value for the sake of a cheap installation.

Crittall’s managing director, John Pyatt says:

“Many people fall into a trap when it comes to choosing their replacement windows. Replacement windows can significantly change the look of your house. But, it’s important that the windows chosen match the style of the home. Installed appropriately, quality steel windows can enhance a property.

“Steel windows cannot be replicated by aluminium, timber or plastic, because steel is an inherently strong material – far more than wood and three times stronger than aluminium – enabling a window’s frame to be more slender in appearance than alternatives. This gives larger expanses of glass with minimal sightlines for a wider, clearer view, maximising daylight in the home.

“Well-engineered, simple and practical in design, maintenance-free, durable, cost and energy efficient, residential steel windows have long faithfully served the housing market and continue to be popular. The modern Crittall window features high performance double glazing, keeping heat in during cold winters, summer heat and noise outside, for year-round comfort.

British made, nothing looks better, lasts longer.

“With the ‘retro look’ now very much the vogue, steel windows are enjoying a big resurgence in popularity in homes – from ‘two up/two downs’ to luxury minimalist apartments.

“The slim ‘timeless’ frames and sight-lines, the graceful elegance offered by steel windows, present a light delicate feel inside and out, giving consistency of design. A welcome sense of airiness and space is created.”

Right up your street!

Whatever your style of house, Crittall has the solution to your replacement window needs. Perhaps the steel windows installed in your house back in the 1930s now need to be brought up to date.

Or your home is Art Deco, one of the most distinctive house styles around. Homes and buildings from this period were fitted with steel windows; many are now crying out for replacement with a contemporary twist. Crittall offers curved double glazed window units to restore this unique style to its former glory.

Steel windows are also the most suitable choice for homes and buildings constructed with stone or brick window spaces. For these replacement installation projects, Crittall can provide customised square or arched windows to accommodate the sizes and shapes required.

If you’re undertaking a new-build, you can give your home an attractive contemporary modern look – with a traditional feel.

The benefits of steel windows are unsurpassed and as steel is100 percent recyclable, no other window material comes close for life cycle and minimum maintenance. To prevent chilly draughts and costly heat loss, all doors and opening Crittall windows feature built-in weather-stripping.

UK manufactured, the sophisticated finishing process ensures all products are hot-dipped galvanised to deliver complete protection against rust and corrosion.

Steel windows also last longer – for 60 years or more. Even before the arrival of ultra modern, high performance polyester powder coatings, steel windows installed in the 1920s and 1930s lasted over 50 years – much longer life span than wood or aluminium.

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