Sleek and contemporary finish with soltaire low headroom

P C Henderson has launched Soltaire Low Headroom, a new sliding door gear system that maximises the door height for a sleek and modern finish. Concealed into the top of the door, Soltaire reduces clearance between the track and the top of the door by 2mm.

Creating an indoor/outdoor experience in the home is becoming an increasingly popular trend. Soltaire Low Headroom allows you to create a large opening in the side of a building, using quality timber doors, which allows natural light and fresh air to circulate a room, whilst creating a contemporary finish.

Andrew Royle, UK Commercial Director at P C Henderson comments:

“Low headroom products are a clever way of hiding all of the operating door hardware, enabling the end user to create a modern and minimalistic style with quality timber doors. We anticipated a growing demand in low headroom products as customers became more focused on achieving a clean and contemporary finish. P C Henderson now offers a low headroom solution for interior and exterior doors capable of taking a variety of door weights.”

British engineered for ease of installation, this hardware provides a smooth sliding door action when installed and is also easy to adjust if necessary, catering for doors up to 250kg.

Available for interior and exterior environments and commercial or residential properties, the Soltaire range is fully corrosion resistant and available in aluminium.

For more information and to see the wide variety of Sliding Gear Systems P C Henderson has to offer visit Expert service is available to help with sliding or folding door projects and detailed digital brochures with inspiring images can be downloaded from the website.