Six interior design tips that celebrate autumnal tones

As we enter September, those with a love for interior design will find themselves dreaming about warm, autumnal tones. Longing for a cosy, inviting home design, we creatively envisage our perfect autumn setting; something that can easily be achieved by incorporating the season’s iconic colour palette.

However, remaining inspired with unique ideas can feel challenging if you’re surrounded by classic suggestions. To help you design a home that’s both autumnal and refreshing, showcasing innovative and savvy ideas, Matthew Firth shares his top tips. As the Managing Director for Granville Developments, a company that specialises in creating modern, attractive properties, he certainly knows how to create an aesthetically pleasing, timely interior.

1. Embrace the beauty of your garden in the autumn

Autumn is quite possibly one of the most beautiful seasons; filled with wonderfully orange falling leaves, dewy grass and cool sunsets, it’s picture perfect in many ways. If you hope to refresh your home with décor that embraces these unmissable autumn trends, then you can simply let the outside in! Nature will do most of the work for you…

If you’re currently in the process of developing your dream home, then work with your developer to build glass doors with a view into your garden. These will allow your garden’s transforming greenery to seep into your kitchen; you’ll soon feel as though you’re basking in the beauty of Autumn, without having to step outside!

2. Warm/wooden worktops

If you’re planning for a more extensive refurbishment as we enter the autumn months then you could consider replacing reflective surfaces and brighter and lighter furniture and fittings with wooden materials, flawlessly mirroring the cosiness of autumn.

Darker woods are particularly fitting for Autumn, adding a rustic feel that’ll make your home stand out.

3. Rich colour palettes

It’s time to say farewell to pastel colours! Autumn sets the scene for richer tones; from orange to mustard yellow, forest green and burgundy, you can incorporate these colours into your furnishings or paint choice. From feature walls to rugs and embroidered pillow cases, embrace maximalism in all its glory.

Using a variety of textures, including wool, fluffy pillows and crochet will leave your home feeling fun and intimate.

4. Cosy fireplaces

Nothing says autumn more than an inviting, beautiful fireplace. Consider fitting this into your living room’s design, it’ll make the winter months feel more relaxing than ever before! Property developers can work with you find the perfect design if you’re moving in to a new property, or you can alternatively invest in an antique, self-standing fireplace that’ll add a rustic feel to your interior theme.

5. Embrace family dining

With autumn marking the beginning of our cooler months and, in turn, festivities like Christmas, there’s never been a better time to enhance the sense of family within your home. If you have the room, choose a dining table that’ll allow your loved ones to come together for evenings filled with laughter and delicious food. Dressed with beautiful, autumnal centrepieces, this addition can enhance your décor.

6. Lots of lighting

As summer comes to an end, so too do our long, sunny days. With darker evenings, there’ll be less natural light filling your home as you settle down for a cosy evening by the fire. To make up for this loss, create light around your room with candles, fairy lights and stand-free lamps with pretty shades. Reflecting warm colours around your room will help your room to feel bright.

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