Shaping a world class economy for the Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough area

LDA Design has been appointed to work with the Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Enterprise Partnership (LEP) to refresh their Strategic Economic Plan.

The LDA Design team, supported by Cambridge University, has developed a ground-breaking approach which aims to overcome the weakness of many current economic plans which fail to appreciate the spatial dimensions of growth and focus too much on the short and medium term (e.g. to 2020).

The new approach adds insight from a range of long-term critical success factors, including the implications of future drivers of change, the need for significant new housing and infrastructure and the need for high quality environments. Alongside the socio-economic analysis, this approach informs strategic spatial choices about where and how the area grows and the infrastructure investments needed.

The Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough economy is amongst the UK’s fastest growing and most dynamic, which both creates significant opportunities, but also pressures on housing, employment land and infrastructure that need to be well planned for.

Addressing these challenges requires the creation of a robust world class economic strategy, rooted in an understanding of the geographical and environmental context.

LDA Design’s approach combines current socio-economic, environmental and growth data with analysis of how a range of powerful drivers of change will shape future opportunities. We will develop a vision and set of scenarios for delivering sustainable inclusive growth. The work will provide evidence which will underpin spatial choices and provide a mechanism for prioritising infrastructure spend.

LDA design director, Robert Shaw comments:

“We are delighted to be working with Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Enterprise Partnership at such an important time for the area’s future. Their high growth sectors, their ambitions for sustainable inclusive growth, and a significant pot of money for infrastructure puts GCGP at the heart of the UK economy. Our work will help realise the potential while enhancing the environment and quality of life.”

Neil Darwin, chief executive of the Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough LEP, added:

“It is vital that we work with local partners to review and create a robust Strategic Economic Plan that will enable us to define the future of our area. LDA Design, alongside the University of Cambridge, are well placed to help shape our work in this area that will ultimately enable us to deliver tangible results that will create further economic growth across our LEP geography.”