Seven quick tips to secure a construction site

When you overtake a construction project, you will always deal with some security issues. Construction sites are difficult to manage. The unprotected construction site has a high risk of theft. It becomes even hard to protect the equipment and material when you have tight deadlines to meet. With that said, following we are giving you a few security tips that will help you protect the construction site including the material and equipment.

1.  Come up with a Security Plan

Before you start the project, you have to come up with a security plan and take everyone on board.

You have to introduce a culture of safety and encourage everyone to report anything unusual. Monitor sensitive areas and take inventory daily. You need to promote this strict behaviour across the construction site.

Make sure this plan is accessible to everyone; it will help you enforce such safety practices.

2.  Know Your Assets

You have to take note of your valuable assets. Your Inventory can be tempting to thieves. So you must take regular inventory. Doing this will help you take note of vulnerable areas and notice if any asset goes missing or gets stolen!

3.  Managed Access Control

This is a cost-effective way to improve the security of your construction site. Managed access restricts unauthorised people from entering secured areas including entrance doors, trailers, tool, and material stores. It also assists you to control employee access. This limits the risk of internal theft as well as an external threat.

4.  Switch Off the Lights

If you leave the construction site lit up when you leave, you attract thieves instead of luring them away. So you need to leave your assets hidden in the dark instead of laminating them. Moreover, install hidden cameras that can see in the dark. This will help you keep an eye on things.

5.  Security Systems

You have to sets for the safety of your equipment and workers. This will keep people outside, but won’t do much against people who are determined to break into your security site. You can hire on-site security guards, but this might incur high costs. Worse, your plan can fail if the guards are not effective at their job.

Traditional Alarms can fail as they set off false alarms or another issue. So, you need to take precaution.

6.  Installing Cameras

If lights fail to capture criminals, cameras and alarms can help you capture it. If you install CCTV camera, they will help survey your site 24 hours. If you will help you keep an eye on trespassers and hopefully catch them.

Alarms also keep your site secure. You can install loud alarms to shock the criminals; they might be scared off before doing any damage. Also, it will alert anyone nearby. In short, there is a high chance someone will call the police.

If you don’t want to cause a scene, you can try a silent alarm. They contract the police directly without letting anyone know, helping you to catch the criminals red-handed.

7.  Get a Virtual Guard

You can also increase your construction security by getting a virtual guard. They are far more effective as compared to a physical guard. It’s better than walking around the site and it’s safer for the guard as well.

Anyone caught trespassing can be identified quickly, and police will be alerted on time. It does all this without criminal knowing.

You need to store valuables away from the criminals. If they don’t know where you keep your valuables, they are less likely to steal it. It’s an affordable and effective solution to keep your construction site safe and secure.