Seal of approval

Some problems are inconvenient, while others can be deadly. Delta Membrane Systems’ MS20, MS500 and Gas Barrier System overcome – as you might expect – the inconvenience of damp, but they also counter the potentially deadly effects of gas.

Independent examination carried out by VINCI Technology Centre UK has confirmed that these three products plus seals from the Delta Membrane Systems range, have passed stringent tests to ensure their complete sealing capabilities against a variety of gases, namely Radon, CO², and Methane.

In the latest tests, all of them have been proven to be an effective barrier against gases, even with overlaps, bringing peace of mind to those who specify the products, and those that will be relying on them on a day-to-day basis.

Delta Membrane Systems prides itself on the support it gives to customers by ensuring the materials its supplies are ‘fit for purpose’. The investment made by using VINCI Technology Centre UK to carry out extensive testing on MS20, MS500 and Delta Gas Barrier System is further evidence of that commitment.

Copies of the test reports can be found on the Delta website;