Schueco external collection has wide range of folding/sliding doors

Launched last year, Schueco’s Contemporary Living Collection brings the company’s premium quality aluminium windows, doors and façades to the trade residential market. Among the systems is a wide range of sliding/folding doors which will appeal to owners looking for improvements that could add capital value, as well as comfort, to their homes.

The range includes the Schueco ASS 80 FD.HI, a door which combines exceptionally high thermal efficiency (Uw value of <1.3 W/m2K) with narrow face-widths of only 112 mm. Available with leaves up to 1.2 m wide and up to 3 m high, the door has the elegant looks, slim sight-lines and high-quality fittings that make it equally at home in residential properties or in commercial environments such as hotels or restaurants.

The easy-to-operate folding leaves are supported on double or quadruple bottom roller carriages running on a stainless steel track. The doors may be folded to one or both sides and can be specified to project either inside or outside the room.

As an alternative, the Schueco ASS 70 FD can deliver U values as low as 1.7 W/m2K and is able to accommodate very large openings thanks to an option that makes use of stainless steel rollers capable of carrying door weights up to 100 kg. It is water-tight up to class 9A EN 12208 and, with inward-opening versions, optional security fittings allow the system to achieve burglar resistance up to Class 2 EN V 1627.

A third option is the ASS 50 FD.NI which shares the rigidity, easy-slide operation, narrow face-widths and attractive appearance of the other two systems but is uninsulated. With a flush threshold it is ideal for use as a stylish room-divider.