School’s out: perimeter protection check list

The extended summer break represents a critical window of opportunity for any schools maintenance activity and this includes a thorough review of the perimeter protection measures in place to establish a safe and secure school site.

Jacksons Fencing, the perimeter protection and access control solutions provider for hundreds of schools across the UK, has developed a comprehensive check list to help undertake a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of the existing perimeter security initiatives supporting the external environment at any education establishment.

Best practice advice for any school business manager / facilities manager tasked with the responsibility of ensuring a school’s outside environment is supported by a level of physical security commensurate with the risks faced, always includes the implementation of a risk assessment to identify any site specific issues.

Ideally, a risk assessment will have taken place as part of the planning process prior to the initial installation of any perimeter protection initiatives. Realistically, unless the school represents a new build, the case is likely to be that the school’s physical security have evolved over time, with further improvements made in direct response to potential security breaches or to address specific new needs.

The detailed check list provided by Jacksons will enable an informed assessment of the school’s existing perimeter protection measures and in addition to flagging up any key maintenance requirements, may also help to identify potential new threats to site security.

SafetyMARK, the national safety certification scheme for schools has already adopted the checklist as part of its audit protocol. Stuart Letley MD of RSA, the home of School SafetyMARK says:

“I’ve circulated the Jacksons checklist via our school members’ area. It looks like a very pragmatic and useful tool to guide support staff through the minefield of security issues that they might face when they have construction or refurbishment work carried out in the school holidays.”