SCHIEDEL ABSOLUT XPERT – 1st Passivhaus certified Chimney System

Modern heating technologies place enormous demands on a chimney system.

Designed for the new generation of air-tight homes, Schiedel Absolut XPert is the first Passivhaus certified chimney system worldwide. Air tightness is built into the system. Suitable for use on all fuel types, with its GW3 rated ceramic profiled liner, Absolut XPert offers condensate resistance even after a soot fire.

Thermal performance of the appliance is optimised through the provision of combustion air at the right temperature through the integrated insulated shaft. Heat transmission between the warm interior and cold exterior of the building is avoided through the use of the thermal chimney blocks.

For further details on SCHIEDEL ABSOLUT XPert, please visit:  – or contact David Wright at Schiedel on 0191 416 1150.