RMIG City Emotion spirit – the city is not just about buildings

The city or any urban area is not just about buildings but a place for emotion and the aesthetic appeal requires our full attention. City Emotion by RMIG is for everyone who decides to prioritise the “beautiful” and innovative.

RMIG’s City Emotion captures the passion for creative urban design by offering innovative technologies and materials. RMIG can help you realise the most ambitious architectural projects, the projects that will give the conurbation all its emotional value.

Our City Emotion approach

  • Takes you from conception (how can I use perforated materials?)
  • Through visualisation (what material, pattern, appearance do I want?)
  • To sampling (what does it look like?)
  • To final product manufacture

RMIG City Emotion will be your solution in the design of your facades, sun screens, balustrades, ceilings or any project where you want to utilise perforation.

Architectural project – RMIG City Emotion is all about inspiration!
Taking your concept to realisation requires the support of experts who will guide you in the benefits and practicality of producing your design. The RMIG City Emotion team can, for example:

  • Help you find an environmentally friendly solution with sunscreens of perforated or expanded metal
  • Offer an innovative perforated design for your facade so that it is not only functional but inspirational
  • Assist you in choosing the most suitable material for your project, whether it is a small order or a large contract

Solutions – RMIG City Emotion is all about passion!
RMIG offers you solutions for perforated sheets, embossed sheets or expanded metal. Beyond the standard product range, your creativity will be boosted by our enthusiasm and our continuous innovation in the production of new and intricate patterns.

Finishing operations and surface treatments
RMIG City Emotion is all about sensations! Give depth, colour and light to your architectural projects by using a range of fixings and finishes. Our perforating techniques successfully turn the vision of the designer into reality. Feel free to imagine the shape and form – we will provide the technology to produce it for you including bending, rolling, forming, coating, anodising etc.

Installation – RMIG City Emotion is about peace of mind
Projects involving the installation of large numbers of perforated sheets or picture perforation require expertise as well as close collaboration with all parties involved. To make installation easier and ensure that the panels are placed in their exact location, the RMIG City Emotion programme utilises a sequencing system as well as the individual numbering of sheets. This is an essential service when working on projects of this kind.

RMIG City Emotion is all about peace of mind…