RIBA Certified CPD: Platform Lifts – who needs them?

This is one of the most fun and immersive CPDs you will find as Gartec bring a virtual reality lift experience to your offices. Gartec’s RIBA Certified CPD provides expert knowledge of lifting platforms.

Gartec are now taking reservations for this RIBA Certified Interactive CPD (iCPD) which offers architects in-depth working knowledge of lifting platforms and how to specify them, and aims to deliver sufficient information to enable the attendee to have expert knowledge in this niche area. It covers: What is a lifting platform, regulations and responsibilities, common applications and lifting platform uses and benefits. Delivered using GartecVR – next generation virtual reality technology, this is one of the most fun and immersive CPDs you will find as Gartec bring a virtual reality lift experience to your offices, anywhere in the UK.

GartecVR – next generation virtual reality technology is all about visualisation; being able to see and demonstrate the benefits of lifting platforms including:

  • Pit depth and platform thickness as lift travels down.
  • The open platform; Full height of the enclosure from the inside (looking up) and the safety edge around the platform edge (looking down).
  • Very small head height required. Lift shown in normal height room.
  • Single or double hinge swing doors providing minimal footprint size.
  • Lift is shown comfortably fitting into standard size house.
  • Versatile modular construction, requiring minimal fixing points.
  • Full or partially glazed enclosure and large range of colours available.
  • Screw driven platform lift is completely self-contained – no machine room required.

These points will all have been covered during the CPD presentation, however, GartecVR is an exceptional demonstration tool giving the attendees deeper understanding and appreciation of the potential and versatility that platform lifts can provide.

Gartec is the UK’s leading supplier and installer of platform lifts with over 20 years’ industry experience. As a founder member of the European Platform and Stairlift Association (EPSA), and through membership of the Lift and Escalator Industry Association (LEIA), Gartec takes a leadership role in shaping the platform lift industry and is therefore well placed to deliver expert knowledge in an innovative manner.