Render for restoration: superior solutions from Fassa Bortolo

Dale Telling, commercial manager at Fassa Bortolo, shares insight on how a lime-based render can offer the best solution when restoring the external facade of a period building.

A building material that has evolved over the centuries to make it stronger and more versatile, lime can be found in arhcietcture all over the world, and was originally used by the Ancient Greeks and Romans. Due to its hardwearing nature and porous properties, lime render is one of the most effective surface coverings to use in the preservation of heritage buildings, making it a go to choice today.

Put an end to rising damp
One of the most permeable materials, vapour can easily pass through lime renders, making the building breathable. Perfect for regulating humidity, excess moisture can be held within the surface without it becoming wet. The moisture will then evaporate slowly as the temperature drops. Many buildings, old and new, have problems with ventilation which can cause damp spots, but by finishing external walls with a lime render and breathable top coat, precautions are put in place to prevent damp rising.

Superior versatility against movement and weather
Lime-based renders are designed to withstand light changes in settlement to accommodate for the ground moving over time. Mesh reinforcements can be added to give the system extra flexibility to withstand movement, however unmeshed render can crack if the coat is too thick, so it’s worth considering mesh to absorb tensions and counteract any movement early on.

For areas where weathering is a problem, lime-based renders protect the external surface of the building without sealing it, making it weather-proof. Not only is this kind of render resistant to harsh climates including ice, frost and heat, it is also resistant to the salts in sulphate resistant binders.

If you are rendering over an existing substrate, including brickwork, stonework or medium-dense blockwork, check the substrate is structurally sound, dry, has no hollows or gaps and is free of any existing plaster. It’s important you consult a professional to be made aware of the load bearing capacity of the surface and vital to remember the render should always be weaker than the substrate.

Choose Fassalime for your next renovation
With a number of products within the Fassalime portfolio, whether it’s lime render for restoration or a breathable lime render for environmentally friendly solutions, there is a lime-based solution to suit your requirements. Fassa has been producing lime renders for over 300 years and is one of the leading companies in external rendering and integrated building solutions. Founded in 1710 in Spresiano, Italy, the family-owned business continues to prides itself on superior product quality, its commitment to ethical quarrying and discovering new innovations.

With 18 production facilities spanning Europe, employing more than 1,000 members of staff in countries including the UK, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland, Fassa holds a concrete set of values. The company continues to extend its legacy in the same way it always has, through respect, care and quality for its people, products and the environment.

Research is essential to improve and develop Fassa’s portfolio of products, which is why the company operates its own dedicated research facility in Italy. An advanced laboratory with cutting-edge equipment, researchers study the raw materials to create formulations which guarantee superior quality and excel in the field.

After centuries of product development, Fassa offers a vast range of systems and products to meet the needs of the UK building industry with a solution for every project. Since the start of UK trading in 2014, a number of Fassa systems have been accredited by the British Board of Agrément (BBA), to extend the offering of Italian manufactured systems to the British market.

For more information on how Fassa Bortolo can help you with your rendering projects, visit or call 01684 212 272.