Redring pumps up Selectronic range

Showering and hot water expert Redring has added to its bestselling Selectronic Premier range with the Selectronic Premier LAP. The Selectronic Premier range of showers has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the care sector thanks to its revolutionary technology and design. Using thermostatic technology, the water temperature remains constant, even if the water supply is used elsewhere, such as a tap being turned on or a toilet being flushed. This eliminates the risk of scalding, which is of particular importance within the care sector where users may have vulnerable and sensitive skin.

This technology maintains the showering temperature to within +/-1°C, demonstrating its accuracy. The new Selectronic Premier LAP (Level Access Pump) bolsters the range with the option of an integral LAP. This allows waste water to be removed even when a gravity drain is not available. The Selectronic Premier LAP controls the level access drain pump directly, removing the need to fit a separate flow switch and associated wiring. As the pump is low-voltage, safety is guaranteed and blockages are prevented, meaning the requirement for regular maintenance is minimal. As the LAP removes waste water quickly, this is particularly beneficial in care sector applications where users may shower whilst seated, and the pump will ensure the water does not rise above a manageable level for users.

The Selectronic Premier LAP also offers complete flexibility in terms of siting. The shower comes complete with an accessory kit specifically for the care sector which offers a one metre riser rail and a two metre hose to bring the shower head and soap dish within easy reach, particularly for those who need to shower whilst seated. The shower has been designed with easy control options ideal for the care sector, such as its large, easy to press buttons with tactile button coding and audible feedback, and its conveniently located large LED display, which enables visibility and legibility of the shower settings. An additional benefit of the Selectronic LAP is its Eco Power-Save feature, which automatically adjusts the power of the shower to achieve the desired water temperature. This feature helps to bring dramatic water and energy savings for end-users. Offering further reassurance for those installations where safety is a priority, the Selectronic Premier range of showers has achieved the BEAB Care Mark, which is awarded in recognition to products that meet specific performance requirements in the care industry. The range is also fully endorsed by the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and has been classed as suitable for all sections of the community, making it safe and accessible for all users.