Reditap: Redring’s hottest new kitchen gadget for 2017

For those in the house building industry looking to inject some kitchen wow-factor into a development without blowing the budget then Redring’s new ‘3 in 1’ boiling water tap, has the answer. Reditap offers an affordable option for those interested in a boiling water tap that dispenses both boiling water as well as conventional hot and cold water mixing.

The idea of instant boiling water at the turn of a tap is an attractive one for many and with approximately 165 million cups of tea alone drank in the UK every year, the appeal of instant boiling taps is on the rise.

“Nowadays people are constantly looking for ways to save time and that even applies to the time it takes to boil a kettle!” commented Richard Braid, head of water heating and showers, Redring. “Instant boiling water taps have become phenomenally popular over the last couple of years and are challenging sales of traditional electric kettles across the retail channel. The relatively high price tag of the tap units and installation process has meant that the technology has been somewhat considered as a luxury purchase. That is until now. With the launch of Reditap we are making the technology more readily available to the mass market and that’s good news for our customers!”

Available from January 2017, Reditap is a ‘3 in 1’ boiling water kitchen tap with a difference. An affordable option for those looking for a contemporary mixer tap that instantly dispenses boiling water for hot drinks as well as conventional hot and cold water for washing up and cleaning. Reditap also offers excellent flow rates, class leading heat-up and recovery times and a whirlflow controlled refill system that maximises initial hot water draw off.

With a compact 2 litre boiling water tank, Reditap offers a greater capacity than domestic kettles and still leaves plenty of cupboard space under the sink. This also allows easy tank inspection after installation, particularly if descaling is required. A safety lock on the tap control prevents accidental dispense of hot water and the tap spout is insulated so does not get too hot during operation. Other safety features include boil dry and thermal overheat protection and a calibration adjustment control with heating ‘ON’ indication.

For those responsible for fitting the unit Reditap is a straightforward install, requiring minimum tools for connection as it comes complete with all the necessary fittings in one box.

Reditap is available in bright chrome or brushed nickel tap finishes, and comes with a 2 year guarantee.

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