Real Life Monopoly shows the real cost of homes from the popular boardgame

Fancy rolling the dice and taking a trip around the UK to look at the average property price. The here and now edition of Monopoly takes a trip around the UK instead of iconic version set in London and leading Online Estate Agent has create a Real Life Monopoly price guide based on the locations used in the game.

St Albans takes pride of place on the board, taking the space where Mayfair used to stand. The Monopoly value for St Albans is £4 million and there are plenty of real properties at this price in the beautiful Hertfordshire town. However the average price for a 4 bedroom property in reality is £735,750, with a 2 bed house just under half of this at £335k.

St Albans 4 bedroom homes are 4.07 times more expensive than 1 bedrooms in the city, however Dundee leads the way with the biggest gulf in price difference in 1 bed properties verse 4 bedroom at 4.38 times more.

Because of the huge demand in London the average 4 bedroom property in the capital is only 2.37 the price of a 1 bedroom property which is the lowest.

The brown locations on the board game have always be associated with cheap area to buy a house, but it didn’t yield much rent. Liverpool took the Old Kent road spot in the new edition and the average one bedroom property here is £81,625. However unlike the board game this isn’t the lowest Real Life 1 bed property, Dundee being lowest at £60,506 and Middlesbrough also lower at £72,733.

Opposite sides of the board is always likely to mean a gap in property costs, this is true with the orange of Derby and green of Nottingham. Just 15 miles apart along the A52 but Nottingham commands up to 6% higher property values.

Other towns to feature in board game and this Real Life Monopoly infographic include Oxford, Cambridge, Birmingham, Sheffield, Exeter, Norwich, Manchester, Cardiff and Leeds.