Quadro DD Wooden Loft Ladder

The Quadro DD loft ladder is the solution when ‘standard’ is simply not good enough. This innovative wooden loft ladder features an insulated hatch box with a 4-point locking mechanism for an airtight seal (class 4 certified). It also comes with an upper loft hatch that provides improved thermal insulation (U-value 0.46 W/m2K). In addition, the upper cover can be closed immediately after entering the loft, therefore preventing the loss of warm air into the cold attic.

Another benefit of the Quadro DD is that it is suitable for room heights of up to 3.44 m. Alternatively, for projects with a ceiling height less than 2.4 m, the made-to-measure Quadro DD can be built to suit a ceiling opening of just 1000 mm long by 530 mm wide.

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