PT is an all‐rounder

Capable of waterproofing and damp‐proofing internal and external walls and vaulted ceilings, above and below ground, in new construction of existing buildings over a contaminated or damp background – Delta‐PT is a versatile product that is one of the most popular from the extensive Delta Membrane Systems range.

It is a high performance polyethylene membrane which is extruded into a series of studs which create a continuous air gap behind the waterproof membrane.

On the face of the membrane is a welded mesh that allows plasters and renders to bond efficiently to achieve dry and durable finishes.

Delta‐PT is watertight, resistant to high and low temperature extremes, chemically resistant to acids, alkalis, oil and solvents, and is approved for use in potable water applications. It also provides an effective barrier to the transmission of salts or other contaminants from the substrate.

It can support the long‐term loadings likely to be experienced in service without undue deformation.

Temperature resistant in the range ‐30°C to +80°C, Delta‐PT is some 0.5mm thick with stud heights of 8mm. Two roll sizes are available – 2m by 20m, and 1.5m by 10m. Potential drainage rates are in the region of 5 litres per second, per m.