Protecting under pressure

Made from high density polyethylene, Delta‐EQ Drain from Delta Membrane Systems is a dimpled sheet with laminated polypropylene geotextile suitable for situations where a high pressure drainage sheet is needed to protect a waterproofing installation.

Both the dimpled sheet and the geotextile are black in colour, with the dimple height measuring 9mm and the air gap between dimples being 7.9 litres/m².

Other features include the ability to work effectively within a wide temperature range (from ‐30° C to +80°C), and impressive compressive strength characteristics of some 200kN/m².

Delta‐EQ Drain has no adverse effects on drinking water, and it offers high levels of resistance to bacteria, alkalis, chemicals and root penetration.

Supplied in rolls measuring 2m wide and 12.5m long, Delta‐EQ Drain conforms to DIN 4095 for drainage and DIN 18195 for waterproofing.