Proof of wetroom success

Particularly suitable for use in the creation of wetrooms, the Aquatecnic Aquaproof system is available from Delta Membrane Systems.

Already well-known in the construction industry for the supply of a host of damp proofing products for many uses, including basement refurbishments and the like, Delta Membrane Systems now ventures into a fresh market with the Aquaproof range.

Developed specifically to prevent water leakage from tiled areas – including wetrooms, shower areas, bathrooms and kitchens – Aquaproof is compatible with a wide range of substrates. These include ply sheeting, shower tray formers, plasterboard, mdf, cementitious screed and the most commonly available waterproof construction boards.

Aquaproof creates a fully tanked room preventing damage to walls and floors, and ensuring there is no leakage into adjacent rooms.

One of the benefits of the system is that it can tolerate normal levels of movement in a room, and does not become brittle with age.

Included in the system are a primer, tape, and the compound. Other products available include pre-formed corners, pipe sleeves, and outlet sleeves.

A complete shower kit is also available – everything needed for a small to medium size wetroom.

Meeting the requirements of European Technical Approval ETA-08/0250 ‘Liquid applied watertight coverings for wetrooms with wearing surface’, Aquaproof comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Ref: 65150