Presenting Kevin McCloud’s new Green Heroes for 2019

Kevin McCloud’s ‘Green Heroes’ will return to Grand Designs Live at London’s ExCeL, proudly sponsored by Anglian Home Improvements from 4 – 12 May 2019. These exciting brands and products have been specifically chosen by design guru Kevin McCloud, to showcase the finest eco-innovations for home builders, owners and design enthusiasts. These Green Heroes will sit at the very heart of the exhibition, providing a platform for eco-conscious creators to present their latest innovations.

Kevin McCloud, the face of the Grand Designs brand has unparalleled insight into the latest technologies, materials and ground-breaking sustainable practices at work in both the construction and interiors market. Kevin McCloud’s Green Heroes is inspired by his passion for state-of-the-art eco-friendly products, green building products, and beautiful design.

See below this year’s list of new brands that have been carefully curated by Kevin:

EO Acoustic –  

Noise-canceling interior material based on spruce needles

EO Acoustic’s panels are a natural porous material that absorbs sound reflections, regulates humidity and temperature, while creating a comfortable and healthy atmosphere. The individuality of the material is found in the preservation of the original shape of the needles, which create a natural texture and a feeling of wood in the interior, as well as highly decorative properties.

Air-Ink –

The first ink made entirely out of air pollution

Pollution collected by KAALINK undergoes various proprietary processes to make the end product is safe to use. Then the carbon is taken through a chemical process to make different types of inks and paints. The ink is then used by artists and printing companies to create carbon-negative prints.

ecoBirdy –

Sustainable 100% recycled plastic furniture

Antwerp-based brand Ecobirdy has used recycled plastic toys to create a range colourful furniture for kids, aiming to raise their “awareness for sustainability”. With an overarching goal of introducing children to the circular economy, all the pieces from Ecobirdy’s debut collection are made from old plastic toys and are completely recyclable.

HyO Cup –

Disposable Biodegradable Cups, dried gourds grown inside 3D printed moulds

The vegetable cups could become a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic cups. Squash are fast-growing plants that carry sturdy fruits every season, and once dried, the outer skin and inner fibres of the gourds become watertight. Designs studio Cream has a centuries-old tradition of using gourds for vessels, to create its own compostable cups, using custom 3D printed moulds. 

Mapuguaquen –

The world’s first active sound system made of clay

Fusing state of the art electronics and craft techniques to create unique, customised pieces, using raw, regional and biodegradable materials.

Poppy Pippin –

Design solutions that improve cities and create a healthier environment

Moss Tiles – Press moulded terracotta wall tiles designed to encourage moss growth to improve air quality in the urban environment by absorbing carbon dioxide.

Vlisco Recycled Carpet Studio –

Environmentally sustainable carpets

Using leftover and rejected textiles from Dutch based textile manufacturer, Vlisco, Simone Post has developed a line of high-quality, environmentally supportable carpets. Whereas the destruction of the leftover and rejected textiles is time consuming and costly, recycling is environmentally sustainable and also offers a challenging platform for innovation.