Planning consent granted for Peckham brownfield site

ColladoCollins has been granted planning consent to redevelop 190 Rye Lane, an underused brownfield site located on the west side of Rye Lane in Peckham, in the London Borough of Southwark. The new scheme has been designed to make a lasting contribution to the area, by helping meet local housing demand and providing a mix of 22 residential dwellings.

The 1160m2 site, located between Rye Lane Station and Rye Common, currently consists of a small shop unit and a large salvage yard and is well located in terms of amenities, green space and transport. ColladoCollins’s approved plans will maintain the site’s existing retail and commercial frontage, as well as develop the unused space behind. The finished project will allow for high quality living accommodation with access to two new communal gardens.

Residential access from the street will be enhanced through the installation of railing balustrade gates, allowing for additional privacy. Secondly, a reduction in the height of the building and the inclusion of a mansard roof will allow for greater cohesion with the surrounding buildings on Rye Lane. The current metal cladding in place will be replaced with a brick façade and pilasters will be restored to either side. In addition, portrait windows have been proposed and string or solider courses of brick will be featured. In celebrating the historic character of the area, ColladoCollins aim to make a positive contribution and act as a catalyst for further renovation and refurbishment in Peckham.