Pioneering ReallySmartHouse reduces carbon emissions in social housing and empowers SMEs

ReallySmartHouse, a pioneering and multi-award-winning project aiming to stimulate low-carbon economic growth, has announced a series of free-to-attend seminars on a variety of sustainability topics for built-environment SMEs in the East of England. With the aim of reducing carbon emissions from new and existing properties, the seminars will also inform companies and local authorities on the benefits of working within the burgeoning green economy. The project is headed by London-based architecture, innovation and sustainability consultancy The Facility, a leading industry expert in this area.

Despite being of critical importance to the future of the environment, in tough economic times, sustainable practice is often pushed down the agenda due to short-term cost issues and a lack of understanding of its benefits. Offering a long-term perspective, the ReallySmartHouse seminars provide the skills and knowledge needed for SMEs to operate successfully and profitably in the green business sector. Each seminar covers a key area of importance such as Sustainable Design, Local Government Procurement, Marketing & Business Development and Building Information Modelling. As well as gaining an edge over the competition, companies which complete 12 hours of training at the seminars will receive a ReallySmartHouse accreditation as well as the opportunity to travel to Europe to see first-hand their newly learnt practices in action.

A house becomes ‘ReallySmart’ when it employs state-of-the-art technology and practices to dramatically increase energy-efficiency, saving money on bills for tenants, making homes warmer and increasing the building’s overall lifespan. ReallySmartHouse is working with Southend Borough Council to install these technologies in social housing, demonstrating to the wider world how thinking “really smartly” can offer long-term financial and environmental benefits to individuals, businesses and local authorities.

Providing the expert strategic advice, creative architecture, innovative engineering and imaginative solutions to realise the aims of ReallySmartHouse, the project is led by The Facility and is funded by the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) and Southend Borough Council. ReallySmartHouse currently operates in the East of England but has designs to expand across the UK, blazing a trail of sustainable innovation in the process.

“It is a sad and short-sighted state of affairs when sustainable development is deprioritised for reasons of cost” says Oliver Schneider, Managing Director of The Facility and Head of ReallySmartHouse.

“By empowering SMEs in the East of England to operate in the green business economy, ReallySmartHouse is aiming not only to improve the lives of tenants, but to show the industry what is possible in terms of sustainable retrofit. We are delighted that the European Regional Development Fund and Southend Borough Council have shown the initiative to back this project, enabling a brighter and greener future for all.”