Perforated sheets from RMIG depict a new Golden age for Bang & Olufsen

A combination of perforated TECU® Gold panels mounted on LED lights and large glass areas create a sensational building

Precision perforated panels from RMIG have helped to create a unique, show-stopping facade for Bang & Olufsen’s (B&O) new flagship store in Herning, Denmark. This new building reflects the audio-visual giant’s new design concept for its stores.

B&O is renowned around the world for its high quality product design and technological excellence. When embarking on the project of creating a new flagship store, the primary objective was to ensure that the building’s exterior reflects the brand’s reputation for high-style and is as arresting in design and appearance as the store’s interior.

The striking flagship store was designed by Arkitec as who, through RMIG’s City Emotion programme, chose perforated TECU® Gold panels for the building’s facade to cover approximately 350 m². Using RMIG ImagePerf, each bespoke panel has its own specially designed perforation pattern, which when assembled, runs across the whole envelope of the building creating an unusual and fascinating design that resembles entangled snakes.

LED lights sit behind the golden perforated facade which are programmed to fade in and out, creating a visual energy and a constantly changing light, both day and night, in the city square where the building is situated.

The material selection and design of the whole building were a fusion of B&O new concepts for both its stores and product designs, as well as inspiration from the modernist style from the middle of the last century. The hallmark of minimalistic Scandinavian design with a strong human component runs through all of B&O’s projects, from its innovative audio and TV systems to the stores where the exclusive products are put on display.

The combination of RMIG’s precision perforated panels and the building’s beautifully rounded glass corners give it a unique charm with lightness and transparency. At the same time, it beckons customers and passers-by to step in and experience the top quality sound, image and design that B&O is famous for.

The B&O store project was handled under RMIG’s dedicated architectural and construction sector support programme, City Emotion, which assists architects and contractors in realising their urban design concepts and converting them into real solutions for buildings.

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