Peab to build youth housing and sports center in The Western Harbour, Malmö

Peab has been contracted to build 130 youth residences and a sports hall with attached outdoor environment, including a multi-sport arena in the Western Harbour in Malmö. The client is Malmö City by Stadsfastigheter and the contract amounts to approximately SEK 112 million.

The contract covers 4,400 sqm of residential and 1,700 sqm sports hall with surrounding areas.

Håkan Olsson, Regional Manager Peab, said:

“It is gratifying to be able to help with youth housing in Malmö, which is highly demanded. We also look forward to realising our competition entry in collaboration with Stadsfastigheter and MKB.”

The project is a turnkey contract. Work is expected to begin in May 2015 and will be completed in phases until December 2016.

The project will be reported in the first quarter 2015.

Ref: 97533