Peab to build a new hospital building in Helsingborg

Peab has been contracted to build a new nursing building on 40,000 sqm at Helsingborg Hospital. The client is Region Skåne and the project is executed in collaboration contract.

The Parties shall jointly determine the scope and cost.

The contract covers the construction of a new building of approximately 40,000 sqm BTA within existing hospital area. The property will contain facilities for adult psychiatric outpatient care, between health and whole day care, somatic outpatient and day care, medical laboratory operations and support functions for logistics and service.

Bratislav Marjanovic, Project manager at Peab, said:

“As a community builder, we are very proud to be commissioned to develop Helsingborg Hospital. The project is expected to order reported, after final determination of contract amount between the parties, in the first quarter by 2015.