Peab Builds on the E45 in Gothenburg

Peab has been commissioned to carry out a reconstruction of the E45 in central Gothenburg. The customer is the Swedish Trafikverket and the contract amounts to appr. 1.020 million SEK.

The assignment includes a lowering of the E45 in central Gothenburg from Lilla Bommen and Marieholm. The road is lowered approximately six meters along a 800 meter stretch.

Half the distance will be decked over, creating opportunities for building on top of the tunnel roof. The remaining portion of lowering prepared for a future of decking, says Berth Larsson, Regional Manager at Peab.

The renovation includes two new “mot” and a bridge at Gullbergsmotet widened to create two through lanes on the E45.

Construction will start in spring 2016 and the project is expected to be completed in 2020.

The project will be reported in the first quarter in 2016.