P C Henderson offers privacy and space for inter-generational homes

P C Henderson’s sliding and folding door hardware can offer vital added privacy and flexible layouts to improve inter-generational homes.

With a record amount of grown-up children living at home and a rise in two or three family generations living under one roof, the National House Building Council (NHBC) predicts houses will be built and adapted to suit the surge of ‘co-homers’. With expensive care for the elderly and children, and many struggling to get on the property ladder, families are pooling their funds to afford much larger homes and share the space. The Ideal Home Show census learnt that 4 per cent of the population, 728,000 people, now live in homes with two other generations – a higher rate than in the Victorian era.

Andrew Royle, UK Commercial Director at P C Henderson, comments on the growing trend:

“There are benefits to sharing homes with loved ones such as economical advantages and also convenient care for the elderly or children. However, living together permanently can have some disadvantages when it comes to privacy and respecting each other’s space. P C Henderson’s sliding and folding door hardware can help by providing privacy screens and versatile layouts. Optional closed areas can be created with a sliding or folding door system for relaxation, or the door can be folded back or concealed to create open plan areas for socialising.”

According to the Halifax monthly price index, house prices have risen up by £17,261 in the last year. In addition, a report from the Post Office shows the average house size has halved by 700 square feet in the last century, further showing the challenge to find affordable living space. By using sliding door gear systems floor space is created in a home in contrast to a swing door which impacts on the room once opened. In a house with ten 3ft internal doors, up to an additional 70 sq ft of usable space can be released in the home by eliminating the room needed for it to swing and function.

Furthermore, the NHBC predicts that the familiar ‘granny annexe’ could evolve into co-homes with shared kitchens yet separate bathrooms and front doors. P C Henderson’s range of sliding and folding door gear hardware can provide space saving, versatile solutions for any layout and aesthetic.