Over 65s call for clearer law on pavement parking

Pavement parking is a danger for older people and legislation should be clearer, says the results of a YouGov poll commissioned by Living Streets out 9th January 2015.

Over half of UK adults aged 65 and over (51 per cent) have no idea whether or not parking on the pavement is illegal in their local area. As MP Martin Horwood’s ‘pavement parking bill’ receives its second reading in the House of Commons today, legislation needs to be standardised across the country says the pedestrian campaign charity.

While pavement parking is against the law in London and some parts of the UK, the law is unclear elsewhere.

Living Streets’ Chief Executive, Joe Irvin, said:

“Pavements are not car parks. Pavement parking is a nuisance for everyone, but if you’re older, have mobility problems or impaired sight, it can force you into the road and into danger. It’s not just the public who are confused; often local authorities and police forces are unclear over who is responsible, which means the issue fails to be addressed. Martin Horwood’s bill is a perfect opportunity to enact clear legislation which would make walking safer and easier for everybody.”

Cheltenham MP Martin Horwood, said:

“This is not just an issue in my constituency, but across the country. Cars parked on the pavement are particularly hazardous for blind and partially-sighted people, older people or if you’re pushing a buggy or a wheelchair. This bill is well supported and a small step towards improving the quality of life for a lot of people.”