Ocula spec’d for commercial designers own workspace

Ocula Systems partitioning system has been specified for the workspace of commercial interior designers, Harmsen Tilney Shane’s London offices. The project is a living breathing example of the work the firm designs.

Ocula systems supplied 20 linear metres of single glazed banded partitioning with drywall integration and flush glazed doors to the project. These were installed across meeting rooms and offices along with framed glass doors. Whilst the aesthetics of the banded glass and partitioning system were important, so was the level of acoustics. And an acceptable level was achieved with 12.8mm acoustic laminate glass that provided 38dB for this single glazed broken plan area.

Kye Edwards Business Development Director of Ocula Systems said:

“It’s a great compliment when the specialist designers of workspace solutions choose your products in their own office environment.”

“Our Burgess Hill hub worked closely with the clients chosen contractor Berkley Integra, with timed delivery slots, to design and supply the project.”

Harmsen, Tilney Shane employ a holistic approach to design that examines how a space is used for meetings, day to day tasks, strategic planning and recreation. All this is combined with the overall business objectives to create a space that will assist in the delivery of these goals. Their London office, at 9 Holyrood Street, is a live example of the work they do and they are said to be pleased with the result. So much so they are looking to replace the sliding, folding glass wall of the main meeting room at another site to reflect the Holyrood specification.

A company spokesman said:

“The acoustics within the meeting rooms at Holyrood Street have exceeded our expectations, particularly as we only went for single glazing.”

Ocula Systems provide full Partitioning support from design through to installation. Their team includes a network of specification consultants, experienced glass installers, project managers, estimators and design technicians based in eight regional hubs across the UK. The Ocula product is also available through the SIG Interior branch network. Check out full details at www.oculasystems.co.uk.