New Schueco aluminium window combines outstanding acoustic and thermal performance with integral solar shading

New to the Schueco AWS aluminium window range is the high performance AWS 120 CC.SI which combines exceptional levels of sound and thermal insulation with integral solar shading. The window is officially Passive House certified when appropriate glazing is used and is available as tilt/turn, side-hung inward opening or combined with fixed lights.

The composite construction of the window takes the form of an inner vent – which is either double- or triple-glazed – coupled to an outer vent which is fitted with a single glass pane up to 10 mm thick. The cavity between the sashes accommodates a blind and, together with the glazing, provides the optimum solution for high sound reduction, without the need for unsightly secondary glazing.

Since the concealed Venetian blind is integrated into the window profile, it is protected from the weather and its design prevents the possibility of thermal bridging. Its presence provides anti-glare protection, solar shading and solar screening without compromising views to the outside.

The 25 mm-wide louvre blades of the blind are made of a special aluminium alloy designed to withstand the raised temperatures in the enclosed space between the inner and outer panes. The blades can be raised or lowered, and opened and closed, by means of a compact 24V electric motor that is concealed in the frame. When the blind is drawn up, the top profile of the blind is concealed so that only a minimal stack is visible.

For cleaning the cavity that contains the blind, the two vents – which are both hinged – can be easily separated to provide access to the inner glass surfaces as well as to the blind, although the need for this is minimised by the presence of perimeter seals.

The performance figures for the Schueco AWS 120 CC.SI are impressive: U values as low 0.80 W/m2K and sound reduction up to 53 dB is possible. Air permeability is Class 4 and watertightness Class 9a with wind load resistance achieving Class C5/B5.

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