NaCSBA to launch Code of Practice to inform self-builders

The National Custom and Self Build Association (NaCSBA) has announced its intention to launch a Code of Practice to help consumers choose the best suppliers for building their new home. As the self-build industry grows, it is feared that there will be an influx of companies that do not understand the market and are ill-prepared to service the sector. The new Code will help to signpost consumers towards reputable firms.

The Government is also keen to see a low-cost dispute resolution system established and the Code allows for processes to be established to achieve this.

The proposed core principles of the Code state that the public should experience:

  • Truthful adverts
  • Clear, helpful and adequate pre-contractual information
  • Clear, fair contracts
  • Staff who can meet the terms of the Code and understand their legal responsibilities
  • An effective complaints handling system run by the business •
  • An effective and low cost redress mechanism •
  • Publicity about the Code from business and sponsors.

The consultation has been issued to NaCSBA members and will be voted on at its AGM in June. If the Code is voted in the next stage of the process will be to nominate a supervisory body to administer the Code and agree a simple complaints procedure. This will then allow the NaCSBA to appoint a low-cost Alternative Dispute Resolution Provider. Members will have to confirm they will abide to the principles by 15 September and have the processes in place to meet the Code by mid-January 2017. Following this, members will be required to confirm in writing that they are complying with the Code on an annual basis.