Marshalls brings street furniture brands together

Marshalls, the UK’s leading hard landscaping manufacturer, has announced that it will be bringing together all of its street furniture products and specialist businesses into a singular brand offering.

Having been a part of the brand for 10 years, leading street furniture, lighting and signage manufacturer Woodhouse, has now become fully integrated into the Marshalls street furniture portfolio.

Now, we’re delighted to announce these bespoke product solutions will be brought together with the rest of our street furniture portfolio into our single Marshalls brand – helping clients to create an extraordinary, cohesive style with ease.

All of the things you love about Woodhouse will remain, but with a number of added benefits. We’ll still have the same philosophy for quality and design, but with the wider selection of products and extra technical support that the Marshalls brand brings. As an element of the Marshalls brand, Woodhouse will become our bespoke street furniture solutions offering. As such, Woodhouse Bespoke Product Solutions will be perfect for bringing your creative concepts and ideas to life.

Marshalls, best known for hard landscaping products, has been a leading supplier of street furniture for nearly 35 years.

Jaz Vilkhu, Managing Director of Marshalls Street Furniture, said:

“This is a really exciting time for us and will bring a range of benefits for our customers.

“The same philosophy for quality and design that Woodhouse has become renowned for will remain, however there will be a wider selection of products available and the extra technical support that the Marshalls brand brings.

“Woodhouse has worked on some of the most iconic schemes worldwide and has become a trusted expert in the creation of exceptional bespoke product solutions, so harnessing their expertise and focussing on this area makes perfect sense.

“We believe that this move will enhance the customer experience as they will no longer have to correspond with two separate contacts – ongoing there is a single contact number for all sales enquiries, a single quotation and a single account for all accounts paperwork and correspondence – making our clients lives a lot easier.”

All of the products and content from the Woodhouse website has been migrated across to the Marshalls website. We will continue to publish and share the great social content that clients enjoyed through the Woodhouse website, however this will now be published through Marshalls new ‘Creating Better’ knowledge blog where a broader range of subjects will be covered.