Make the smart choice with Redring’s smart fit shower range

When it comes to choosing a shower, an electric shower offers a flexible, and highly efficient solution requiring only a cold-water feed and a power supply. As a result of this electric showers are perfect for a range of applications, including extensions, second bathrooms, loft conversions and for properties off the mains gas network.

Leading shower manufacturer Redring offers the ideal choice through its Xpressions range, which has models to suit all needs. As well as being a flexible solution the Xpressions, Xpressions Plus and Xpressions Premier ranges all offer quick and simple fittings thanks to multiple water and electrical entry points, as well as two terminal blocks for ease of electrical connection. Redring’s ‘Smart Fit’ connectivity offers 8 cable entry points and 6 pipe entry points for both left and right hand access to ensure that the Xpressions shower can fit any location within any bathroom.

The Xpressions and Xpressions Plus models are available in 7.2, 8.5 and 9.5kW power options and are easy to operate with a rotary temperature and flow control and an independent push start/stop button, providing a ‘set and forget’ solution. All models have the option of scale flush protection, providing a safe phased shutdown that purges the internal tank of hot water to reduce lime scale build up and prevent scalding.

Providing the ultimate showering experience, the Xpressions Premier shower is available in 8.5 and 9.5kW options. In addition to the features of the Xpressions Plus, it has a built in six minute eco timer that allows users to accurately control the amount of time spent in the shower, saving both water and energy. All models have a rub-clean showerhead, with the Xpressions having three spray modes and the Xpressions Plus offering a choice of six spray patterns.

For more information on the new Xpressions range, and Redring’s growing portfolio of showers and hot water solutions, visit or call 0844 372 7750.