Library facility open all hours

Delivering a highly functional, yet stunning entrance solution to the Cochrane Building at Cardiff University, TORMAX was contracted by Ian Williams Ltd to install a combination of advanced automatic door systems. A single-leaf swing door leads into an internal lobby area that is formed using an elegant curved automatic sliding door. The entrance to the library is directly off this lobby, allowing staff and student access at all times, even when the main part of the building is closed off by securely locking the curved door.

Both doors are powered by Swiss-designed, TORMAX iMotion operators, ensuring precise, whisper-quiet opening and closing that is appropriate for an important study area such as this. Reliability is unsurpassed thanks to a unique design feature of iMotion door drives which negates the need for parts that often wear out, such as gears and brushes, considerably reducing maintenance requirements and unscheduled down-time.

A significant development undertaken by main contractor Atkins, the ultra-modern Cochrane Building on the Heath Hospital Campus at Cardiff University has been designed with informal learning and library spaces that allow undergraduates to collaborate and develop modern teaching and learning techniques. The 6,200m² BREEAM ‘Excellent’ building has been named in honour of Dr Archie Cochrane and provides first-class teaching facilities for future doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals.

Out-of-hours, the curved automatic door can be securely locked, restricting access to the Cochrane Building. Students can make use of the library 24/7 as it remains accessible at all time from the entrance lobby. This TORMAX entrance solution creates a substantial opening width that encourages the free flow of foot traffic and welcomes less-able users into the Cochrane Building.

The curved sliding door is powered by the iMotion 2202 door drive while the swing door is fitted with the iMotion 1201 operator. AC motor technology combines with a state-of-the-art microprocessor control system to ensure permanent monitoring of the movements of both doors, making automatic adjustments as necessary to maximise performance. As well as being certified for rescue and escape routes, an electro-mechanical locking mechanism ensures a high level of security protection.