Lewis Decking provides acoustic solutions to luxury apartment project in Surrey

When looking for an acoustic separating floors in the historic building at Kingswood Manor, HUB Architects chose CDI-ICM to provide detailed technical information on the use of a Lewis Deck composite floor to providing acoustic solutions within the individual floor zones coupled with under floor heating and anhydrite screed.

The resulting specification placed Lewis Deck on top of the floor joists with Lewis resilient strips placed between the Lewis deck and the joists to provide sound protection. Under floor heating pipes were then fixed to the Lewis deck and a final covering of free flowing liquid screed placed to a total depth of 52mm. The end results produced separating floors going well beyond acoustic requirements set out in current UK Building Regulations coupled with an exceptional under floor heating system within a strong and robust screed floor.

The grand old mansion, a Victorian Gothic masterpiece with flamboyant stone detail, mullions and oak-panelled interiors, has undergone a sensitive renovation and conversion to luxury apartments. The original carved staircase, exquisite stained glass windows, marble and oak fireplaces and ornate ceiling’s will be carefully cleaned and repaired providing impressive surrounds for fortunate mansion residents.

Lewis Deck is a self-supporting, light gauge galvanised steel reinforcement sheet used for shuttering and reinforcing concrete or screed floors of limited thickness. Used in separating floors, the Lewis Deck provides a first class solution for acoustic floors, fire protection, wet-rooms and works exceptionally well with under-floor heating systems. Lewis Deck solutions are used in a wide range of applications including renovations, conversions, new-builds in traditional, timber frame, steel frame SIPs, ICF and other of-site building systems.

The unique Lewis Deck profile with its optimal geometry provides a combined action between the Lewis Deck and the screed above ensuring an extremely high load bearing capacity.

A Lewis Deck composite floor consists of a Lewis cold rolled steel sheet covered with a thin layer of C20/25 fine grade aggregate concrete or a CA25/ F4 free flowing, self-levelling, liquid screed.

During the curing period the Lewis Deck acts simply as shuttering but once the concrete/ screed has cured, locking into the Lewis deck it forms an extremely strong, composite, structurally sound floor, i.e. it becomes a permanent reinforcement for the concrete/screed, providing exceptional load bearing capabilities for floors of limited thickness.

A Lewis Deck composite floor can be relatively thin, 50mm in most cases.

Common Applications:

  •  Acoustic separating floors
  •  Fire resistant floors
  • Bespoke Green Guide A+ rated sustainable floors
  •  Under floor heating
  •  Suitable sub-floor for ceramic or stone tiles, timber or laminate floor finishes as well as carpet, etc.
  •  Can be used as a structural element within the building
  •  Bathroom and wet-rooms
  •  Suitable for traditional, off-site construction, and conversion projects

Architects: HUB Architects, London

Developer: Octagon Homes, London

Lewis Deck, technical and supply: CDI – Innovative Construction Materials www.cdi-icm.co.uk

Screed: www.gyvlon.co.uk