Let fresh air in and keep noise and allergens out

SIEGENIA’s single-unit wall-mounted ventilators have been installed in thousands of homes across Britain and Europe, supplying much-needed fresh air to residents while keeping air and noise pollution at bay.

At this time of year especially, homeowners naturally want to ventilate their properties. However the increase in inner-city housing and the expansion of airports and railway systems encroaching on the surrounding residential areas does not lend itself to this. The traditional method of airing homes by simply opening the windows is not always desirable in these situations due to the amount of noise, exhaust fumes and pollen this lets in to the house. These disturbances and allergens can negate any benefits of the so-called “fresh air” that is brought in.

That is why ventilation solutions are increasingly sought-after. Single-unit wall-mounted ventilators provide an effective solution to this problem. Quick and easy to install in both new build and retrofit properties, ventilation units can offer sound absorption of up to 50 dB at an air intake level of up to 180 m3/h. Furthermore, SIEGENIA’s new NOx filter keeps out not only NO2 particles from exhaust fumes, but also pollen and fine dust, making it perfect for allergy sufferers who can find the summer months so uncomfortable.

Celebrating over 30 years on the market, the AEROPAC is SIEGENIA’s most popular unit and has a proven track record having been used in Gatwick and Heathrow’s clean air schemes as well as in railway projects across Europe. SIEGENIA’s product development team are also constantly innovating. The AEROPAC is now one of a whole range of smart ventilation solutions that are being offered which can be monitored and controlled via the SIEGENIA Comfort app. Vents can also be linked to the SENSOAIR air quality sensor so that they automatically run when the air quality drops.

For more information on how SIEGENIA’s AERO ventilation range could be used in your projects, contact SIEGENIA on 024 7662 2000 or at info-uk(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)siegenia.com

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