Latest IWA14 Impact Tests

Frontier Pitts Ltd is the British Manufacturer of Security Gates, Automatic Barriers, Bollards, Blockers and Turnstiles. With a long standing heritage combined with worldwide portfolio, they design, manufacture, install and maintain perimeter security equipment.

As a founder member of the PSSA, Frontier Pitts still remains the leading British manufacturer with the most verified products in the world under the product verification scheme. We now showcase a further SIX exciting new products impact tested within the last 20 months.

Four of these products have been impact tested under the new International IWA 14-1:2013 specification. IWA 14 combines the vehicles and energies from the other impact test specifications around the World, including the British PAS 68, American ASTM F2656-07 or K12, and European CWA 16221.

Terra G8 Sliding Cantilevered Gate – 64kph
The sleek IWA 14 Terra G8 can secure entrances of 8m plus, providing Counter Terrorist protection for wider access points and the flexibility to suit individual site requirements.

Terra Universal Bollard – 80kph
The latest model of HVM Rising Bollard has been tested to IWA 14 and is designed to complement the diameters of the HVM Static Bollards. Interchangeable sleeves can be fitted to the rising bollards inner core, creating a versatile and stylish perimeter protection solution.

Terra 180° Swing Gate – 48kph
This IWA 14 impact tested manual swing HVM Gate is Lightweight, Bi-directional and is easy to install and operate. The sleek design is available in widths up to 6m.

Terra Shallow Blocker MkII – 80kph
The latest model of HVM Shallow Blocker requires only 300mm depths, resulted in Zero penetration, and was fully functional after the IWA 14 impact test. The blockers ‘shock absorber dampening springs’ are designed to absorb and damp shock impulses.

Terra Quantum Bollard – 48kphThe World’s first BSi PAS 68 side folding bollard; the Ultimate Breakthrough Innovation for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation. The UNIQUE Terra Quantum Bollard is a Shallow Depth, Side Folding HVM Terra Bollard which resulted in ZERO PENETRATION.

Shallow Depth, Single Terra Neptune Bollard – 64kph, and the Terra Planter
The PAS 68 Single Standalone Static Shallow Depth Terra Neptune Bollard was successfully PAS 68 impact tested stopping a 7.5t vehicle travelling at 40mph (64kph), with ZERO PENETRATION.