Kingspan TEK offers outstanding returns

A new study from Sweett Group has demonstrated that by specifying the Kingspan TEK Cladding Panel over traditional steel frame wall systems, it is possible to reduce wall thicknesses and increase usable space within commercial properties. The report shows that this can lead to a Return on Investment (ROI) of over 1000% on the cost of the panels.

The ‘Real Value of Space’ research was commissioned by Kingspan Insulation. The summary and full report are available to download for free on the Kingspan TEK website:

Sweett Group’s research considers two external wall scenarios and compares a Kingspan TEK Cladding Panel (a high performance SIP) construction with two metal stud wall constructions insulated with mineral fibre and rock mineral fibre. These were then applied across a database of 4,860 buildings which form a representative sample of commercial buildings across the UK. A range of inputs was considered to calculate the market value of any additional space achieved with the Kingspan TEK Cladding Panel construction. This was then compared to the cost of the build-up to determine whether a ROI can be achieved by installing SIPs instead of metal stud wall constructions.

The resulting figures revealed that, when specifying the Kingspan TEK Cladding Panel, 88per cent of the buildings had a positive ROI; 31 per cent of the database buildings had between 300 per cent and 1000 per cent positive ROI, with 9% in excess of 1000 per cent ROI.

To verify the results from the research program, Sweett Group carried out further analysis on nine real case study buildings from Southampton to Glasgow with eight of the nine case studies showing a positive ROI of up to 720 per cent.

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