Kevin’s Green Heroes brought to life at Grand Designs Live

From small-scale start-ups to big businesses setting a green example to the industry, Kevin’s Green Heroes are inspired by his own passion for innovative eco-friendly and green building products.

Coffee Logs by Bio-Bean, the sustainable eco-friendly fuel source made from used coffee grounds, will return to Grand Designs Live, showing the full process involved in creating the product on Tuesday 8th, Thursday 10th and Friday 11th May. These premium eco briquettes are made from recycled coffee grounds with each log made up of the used grounds from 25 cups of coffee. This innovative fuel source offers a local, sustainable alternative to conventional solid fuels, fossil fuels and imported woody biomass. With a hotter, longer burn than wood, they can be used in solid fuel stoves, chimineas and open fires, providing affordable warmth and saving the planet, one cup of coffee at a time!

Returning Green Hero, The Bamboo Bicycle Club, helps passionate cyclists to build and ride their own self-build bicycles. Founded by James and Ian, two bike riding engineers, who after their own enthusiastic experiments in building bamboo bikes, decided to create a bicycling community with others who are interested in building their own beautiful, robust and environmentally friendlier bamboo bicycle frames. Based in a small workshop in East London, the club teaches amateur bike builders how to construct frames from bamboo, over two or three-day courses. The team will be at Grand Designs Live manufacturing their beautiful bamboo bikes in front of a live audience on Monday 7th May, proving that anyone can create their own ‘DIY’ bikes from home grown materials.

New Green Hero, Lucentia-design, develop unique techniques and processes to recycle plastics. Sourcing plastics at the end of their useful lives, Lucentia-design recycles them into fresh new sheet material. Working with acrylics, polycarbonates and vinyl’s they create beautiful panels with different finishes.  By making the new material they have huge flexibility in their bespoke services.  Stella Corrall will be at the show talking through the process and her designs on Wednesday 9th and Sunday 13th May.

Stella Corrall will also be producing a feature in the Central Bar, transforming recycled bottle tops from London ExCeL, into an art installation.

 Goldfinch Furniture, a new Green Hero for 2018, create ethical furniture of an outstanding quality and provenance. Taking great pride in their craft, Goldfinch understand the intrinsic role furniture plays in our homes and businesses.  By sourcing high quality English timber, over the last few years they have built some great relationships with local foresters and tree surgeons who enable them to mill fallen and coppiced trees into boards that are then dried in kilns. Founded in 2011, their mission has been to pass on furniture making skills and knowledge to young people in their local area. Goldfinch is one of the enterprises run by London Reclaimed, a Southwark based charity that is helping 16-25 years olds step up into employment. Visitors will get the chance to hear from the faces behind the brand as they take to the stage on Sunday 6th May.

 2017 Green Hero, Claire Potter, will be creating her artistic lights made from recycled plastic bottles live at the show on Saturday 5th, Tuesday 8th, Thursday 10th, and Saturday 12th May. Tackling the issue of single-use plastic bottles, Claire Potter upcycles used plastic bottles, manipulating them into unique sculptural light fixtures. Claire will also discuss her Plastic Free Pledge campaign and the issues around her commitment to reducing plastic waste.  The Smack, her installation of lights will be on display each day of the show. Commenting on the product, Kevin McCloud says, ‘In the UK we use, every day, 38.5 million single use plastic bottles. 16 million of those are landfilled or incinerated every day. So, let’s not just recycle them but reinvent them, as Claire Potter does, and upcycle them into beautiful and useful objects.’

2017 Green Hero GIY Mycofoam, a Grow-It-Yourself foam, aims to replace plastic foams like Styrofoam with an Earth friendly alternative. While Mushroom® packaging products are already in use, the development of Mushroom® Insulation, as well as material for acoustic lining and aquatic assistance products (such as hand paddles for surfers) among a multitude of other uses, provide boundless possibilities for viable eco-friendly alternatives to existing products.

Combining two waste resources from their farm and brickworks; straw and clay rich earth, H.G. Matthews produce a range of products including structural blocks, insulating blocks, mortars and plasters. At the heart of these products is the strock; a structural block of straw and earth. Strocks are not fired like traditional bricks and blocks but dried in biomass driers powered by locally sourced timber making them truly renewable. Combined with its sibling products such as clay mortar, clay plasters and insulating straw blocks they create beautifully natural homes that are healthy for the environment and healthy for the inhabitants. H.G Matthews will return to the show with a display of the products.

This May’s edition of Grand Designs Live is set to be one of the most exciting, engaging and informative to date. For more information visit