Introducing Frontier Pitts new Terra Bridge Bollard

With a large range of shallow bollards already within our Planet Bollard range, Frontier Pitts is excited to introduce our shallowest bollard yet!

With Bridges around the World already subjected to vehicle attacks by terrorists, both pedestrians and cyclists have become extremely vulnerable. Frontier Pitts have created a bollard system to provide protection that is able to sit within the bridge kerb structure with an ultra-shallow foundation of just 75mm required.

An array of eight Terra Bridge Bollards were impact tested to IWA 14 stopping a 7.2t vehicle travelling at 30mph at a shallow attack angle of 30-degrees to simulate a realistic bridge attack. The Terra Bridge Bollard test resulted in zero penetration.

The Challenge of designing and installing a bollard system to protect a bridge has its own set of unique challenges as the not only are the foundations extremely limiting, but the structural integrity of the bridge deck cannot be compromised.

Although designed to protect bridges, this ultra-shallow bollard solution can also be used for other inner-city areas, pathways and cycle lanes where there is limited foundation depth.

The Terra Bridge Bollard joins the large portfolio of Frontier Pitts HVM Bollards; including the IWA14 Rising Terra Universal Bollard (7.2t at 50mph), the innovative Side folding PAS 68 Shallow Terra Quantum Bollard (7.5t at 30mph) which is the ideal solution for inner city areas with limited foundation depths, our Terra Galaxy Bollard (7.2t at 30mph). Our Static Bollards include the Static Jupiter Bollard (7.5t at 50mph), Static Neptune Bollard (7.5t at 40mph), Static Mars Bollard (7.5t at 40mph), Static Venus Bollard (7.5t at 30mph), all with shallow and removable options.