Introducing Cellecta’s Low CO₂ Flooring System

Cellecta are excited to launch its latest innovative, environmentally friendly product, insuBEAM® – the low CO2, high thermal performance beam and insulation block system.

insuBEAM® is lighter and quicker to install than traditional beam and concrete block flooring, whilst dramatically reducing the carbon emissions impact of the floor by an impressive 42%/m².

During the installation process the systems unique R2 insulation blocks provides a robust walking platform. To aid with health and safety on site, the weight of material required to be installed is reduced by 95% (349kg compared to nearly 8025kg of concrete blocks in a 60m² typical house).

  • The completed insuBEAM® floor can ensure U-value compliance with PART L 2021.
  • Our in-house design team provide a prompt floor designs and quoting service.
  • To control costs and waste, insuBEAM® is supplied in plot specific quantities.

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Insulated Suspended Ground Floors – New CPD

Our brand new RIBA approved CPD. To register, click here.


  • Strong, robust insulation blocks – able to withstand foot traffic during the construction process.
  • One insulation panel replaces 13 concrete blocks.
  • Insulation integrity guaranteed – sits on and between standard concrete beams.
  • Third party complete accredited system.
  • Provides fixed floor heights above the beam.
  • Easily incorporates underfloor heating.
  • insuBEAM® blocks are manufactured to the highest specifications. Their physical properties are determined under strict laboratory conditions in accordance with UKCA Standards.

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