Interactive 3D digital model of London puts planners and architects on the map

London’s first fully interactive 3D digital model shows how London might look in the future and enables developers, planners, architects and transport engineers to visualise the city in a way not available until now.

VUCITY, a collaboration between Wagstaffs Design, Vertex Modelling and GIA, lets users overlay and review existing, consented and proposed developments.

Jason Hawthorne, MD of Wagstaffs, one of the firms behind the project, said:

“VUCITY provides an element of future proofing within the urban environment. It is transforming the planning process by visualising the development of the city landscape and enabling decision makers to interact with the city model and turn on and off proposed developments as well as overlaying insightful data.

This way VUCITY can help inform the debate around many of the planning issues and will help those involved to make the best decisions.”

The latest features of VUCITY include:

•          A complete model of central London, with Paris and New York models under construction
•          Add existing, proposed and consented developments
•          Add accurate street level camera points to create verified views
•          London View Management Framework protected views
•          Daylight and sunlight studies
•          Integrate data; demographics, traffic and pedestrian modelling
•          Custom live data: transport, property, news, Twitter, weather, environment
•          Real time transport overlays

Michal Konicek, Manager of Vertex Modelling, added:

“The quality and the level of detail of the underlying 3D Model combined with the interactive functionalities meant that VUCITY has generated serious attention from developers, planners and London boroughs even in its pre-launch stage.”

“Its success has encouraged us to bring forward our plans and ambition to model more of the world’s major cities in the same level of detail and accuracy – we are currently capturing Paris and New York and just like in London, we are aiming for the same accuracy of 15cm across these models.”

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