In the new NHS Chelsea and Westminster Hospital A&E, Boex interior designs, Brian Eno’s soundscapes and visual artists combine to create an innovative family waiting area

Boex healthcare interior design specialists are delivering full interior design and specifications for the paediatric waiting area in the new £12m redevelopment of the A&E services at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Aiming to create a calming environment by using the latest adaptable lighting, flexible and softly curving fixtures and a nature inspired colour palette, Boex are working in conjunction with hospital charity CW+ and internationally renowned artists to incorporate potential soundscapes, sculpture, theatre and digital interactive installations into the waiting area.

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital A&E is currently the top ranked A&E department in the country. The redevelopment will see its capacity increased to 140,000 patients a year. Hospital charity CW+ has raised £600k to support the inclusion of innovative art and design techniques and the commission of bespoke audio, visual and digital installations by Brian Eno, Bridge Company, Helen Bridges, Jazz Szu-Ying Chen and Monika Bravo.

Sam Boex, Creative Director of Boex:

“No one wants to find themselves sitting in an A&E waiting room – it can be a hugely stressful experience. Working on this project has put us at the cutting edge of healthcare design research and how we can help reduce the anxiety all family members experience. Things that we intuitively knew about soft lighting, art, music and nature being calming and beneficial to patient experience have been credibly researched by the team from CW+ and are now being put into a working A&E environment. Our waiting room will support this research and provide a relaxing space for parents, with welcome distractions for children.”

Minister of State for Culture and the Digital Economy, Ed Vaizey: “This project will fundamentally improve the experience of A&E for thousands of patients, using the talent of our leading artists to provide a calm and positive environment.”

The Boex designed waiting area is populated with their signature custom designed furniture and fittings, making best use of available space whilst keeping the look as ‘non-institutional’ as possible. Curved wood seating coupled with the latest infection safe fabrics in blues and greens offer comfortable spaces in conversation groups rather than traditional rows. Floor and wall graphics, lighting pillars and artwork will all combine to provide a one of a kind family friendly waiting area. The completion of the new A&E is due in August 2016.