H&P Architects takes pole position with BB Home

Congratulations to the winner of the brand new 2014 WAN Small Spaces Award H&P Architects with their project BB home located in Hanoi, Vietnam. In this region of the world the weather is quite often harsh and unpredictable ranging from storms, floods, drought and landslides, with a lack of resources in this area the damage and significance of these disasters are still extremely high. H&P Architects have designed BB (Blooming Bamboo) Home as a housing solution for this area responding to the needs of the local people. Fabricated from bamboo modules, each home is assembled simply with bolting, binding, hanging, and placing. This system of what they call “pulled monolithic architecture” is not only strong enough to withstand a 5 foot-high flood by rising and falling with the water, but it can also be built in just 25 days for only $2500. Furthermore, the space is multifunctional and can provide not just housing, but be used as an educational, medical or community centre.

WAN enlisted the help of some of the industry’s top experts on the subject of small spaces to assess the projects and select the winner. The jury consisted of: Paul Nicholson, Architect and Lecturer at Chalk Architecture; Esme Fieldhouse, Writer and Architect at Studio Weave; and Chung Qing Li, Founding Director of Kreod Architecture and  Julia Peyton-Jones OBE, Director of the Sepentine Galleries & Co-Director of Exhibitions & Programmes.

Reviewing the six finalists to select the overall winner was long debated as the final six projects had each provided a small space in very different ways. As the conversation continued it was clear that BB Home was ticking the boxes for our jury as they were impressed with not only the construction of this small space but the presentation of their work. Julia Peyton-Jones started the comments off saying “This is super cheap and well designed using local materials which is great”, Esme Fieldhouse also recognised this as a winning project commenting “This is about building something quickly and cheaply when people have lost their homes and the way in which these have been designed they feel like a home throughout.”

The Liina Transitional Shelter by Aalto University Wood Program was also commended by the jury as a very complex small space within the award. Designed as a temporary building to be used in harsh climates during crisis situations the jury were impressed with the panelised system of construction which allows the structure to be assembled by two adults in one day with only common tools and a simple visual diagram. Once each frame is tilted up and linked to the others they can be bound together using the same strap system used for packaging. Paul Nicholson was really taken by this project, especially with the simple.

Again a huge congratulations to H&P Architects for winning the WAN Small Spaces Award, Aalto University Wood Program for the commendation and to all that entered into this wonderful new category.