How wetrooms embrace the principles of the Lifetime Homes Standard

Wetrooms are a popular addition to modern builds thanks to their appeal as stylish and versatile bathrooms. They are also the perfect example of a bathroom that conforms to the highly regarded principles of the Lifetime Homes Standard.

The Lifetime Homes Standard is a set of principles that refers to an ‘Inclusive Design’ of housing – one that provides maximum utility, independence and quality of life for individuals of all ages and abilities, without affecting aesthetic value or cost-effectiveness.

Wetrooms are spacious, level access bathrooms without trip hazards which allow for easy entry into and out of the showering area. Fully waterproofed, they offer an open plan showering area that can be used by anyone, regardless of their age or mobility. They can be located anywhere within the home and when installed and waterproofed effectively, will provide optimum functionality and longevity.

A bathroom that embraces the Lifetime Homes Standard can be customised to adapt to the changing needs of homeowners. Incorporating a capped off waste pipe under the bath (or within a downstairs WC), enables a wetroom to be installed in the future. Support rails and shower chairs give extra support to those with mobility issues.

CCL Wetrooms design, manufacture and supply wetroom drainage and waterproofing solutions to create versatile wetrooms for all abilities and ages.

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