Ho, ho, ho…w much?

As Andy Williams has been letting us know ever since 1963, Christmas is the most wonderful time of year. But as the magic fades somewhat due to the discovery that Santa is your dad in a cheap costume there is one thing that still, and will always, bring that festive warmth to our hearts regardless of age. Driving home for Christmas can be one of the most exciting parts of the holidays with the anticipation of a warm fire, family and friends and more food than you can eat.

For many their home symbolises what the festive period is all about and many choose to deck the halls with boughs of holly and cover its exterior in fairy lights. Christmas is a time for togetherness and our home is the ingredient that ties it all together.

Property expert Russell Quirk, Founder and CEO of eMoov.co.uk commented:

“So much emphasis is put on the monetary value of property these days, how much is it worth? Has the price gone up or down? People tend to forget that a home can hold a value far greater than price and thankfully Christmas is the time of year we are reminded of this.”

“For most it is the only time they can spend some quality time with loved ones, your house is the catalyst for this and having somewhere you can all gather together is key.”

eMoov have compiled a list of property from some of the most iconic Christmas films and how much they would cost you if you were to buy them for a loved one this Christmas.

Home Alone

As predictable as it may be, when asked about the most iconic Christmas film house, there is one that immediately springs to mind. Home Alone. One of the all-time greats, the house in Home Alone is as much a lead role in the film as little Macaulay Culkin before he grew up and went off the rails.

After being accidently left behind by his family, little Kevin is left alone to defend the house over the Christmas period against a pair of clumsy burglars. Although there’s no doubt he probably shaved a few percent of the asking price in the process, Kevin’s endeavours to protect his home reflect the importance we place on our homes and the lengths we can go to in protecting it.

Located in the suburb of Winnetka, Chicago’s affluent North Shore, it lies just a few blocks from Lake Michigan. The three story colonial style mansion that spreads across 4,250 square feet, was put on the market in 2011 for over £1.5 million. But after more than a year without a sale it finally sold for just under £1.1 million in March 2012, complete with iconic attic room and all.

The Snowman

Another timeless Christmas classic and family favourite for generations is The Snowman. The children’s book adapted into an animated film in 1982 is best known for its signature sound track ‘walking in the air’.

Granted as an animation, the house that young James builds his magical snowman in the garden of is fictitious. However a number of clues point to him living on the South Downs near Brighton. The more notable of these being the pair flying over the Royal Pavilion and Palace Pier at the beginning of their journey, before moving onto the snowman’s secret party.

A four bedroom detached house on the South Downs, similar to that in The Snowman, could be yours for around £850,000. Although it doesn’t come with a magic snowman as standard, you do get the breath-taking views of the South Downs, albeit from your garden not while walking in the air.

The Holiday

Our next Christmas property is the festive cottage depicted in the film The Holiday. Released in 2006 the film features a property in the beautiful Surrey village of Shere.

With two cosy country pubs, local village shops, winding narrow streets and trickling stream running through the heart of it Shere is a picturesque Christmas setting.

However with property prices in parts of Surrey almost doubling the national average a three to four bed property in the village of Shere can cost you in and around the figure of £875,000.

So for that perfect, festive setting it may be more cost effective to visit Winter Wonderland.

About a Boy

Based on the bestselling novel by Nick Hornby the big screen adaptation isn’t necessarily a classic Christmas film, however Hugh Grant’s character Will lives the life of reilly due to royalties he receives from a Christmas song his father wrote.

The flat he resides in is impressive and would set you back £1.5 million for a similar property in the EC1 postcode, depending on the number of bedrooms you desire

But if that’s slightly out of your price range you could always look to buy a similar property to Marcus, the young boy Will be friends in the film, who lives with his hippy mother in a two bedroom flat in Kentish Town just north of Camden.

Back in 2002 when the film was first released a two bedroom flat in that area of London would set you back around £200,000. But with property prices in London a law unto their own in recent years the same property could cost you three times that if you were to buy it now.

Love Actually

One of the most successful British Christmas films is without a doubt Love Actually. It follows the intertwining love stories of ten different characters and includes an impressive array of London property along the way.

Now we could value number ten Downing Street but as that is unlikely to be available on the market any time soon, we won’t. However if poor Mr Firth was to find his wife and brother up to no good today and chose to flee the country, he could sell his house in Turnham Green W4 for a pretty penny. A property in West London would set you back the top side of a million quid for a three bedroom terrace and can climb to over four million for a five to seven bedroom house.

Or if the ‘dodgy end of Wansworth’ is closer to your price range, you could pick up a three bed terrace house similar to the one the PM finds Martine McCutcheon in (pictured below) for £850,000. Although the house was actually located in Herne Hill the SE postcode isn’t as frowned upon as it once was and even property in that area of London can top a million pound.