Grant goes even greener

Grant Products normally take centre stage, but it’s not just the company’s ethos that’s green. An employee of 7 years, Simon Veitch, gets to realise his all consuming passion for recycling as part of his role as Grant UK’s G-One Scheme Administrator.

Nothing gets past him when it comes to being green, from used plastic milk containers, to discarded sandwich cartons, every item of recyclable rubbish has a labeled bin waiting to be filled and processed. Simon says;

“It’s important that we do this for future generations. I don’t want my grandchildren living on a landfill site! I see so much waste day to day, and it takes little effort to help the environment. I am currently educating my girlfriend and her family in new good green habits too.”

Simon is a part of the furniture and a member of the HQ family at the Devizes based off-grid heating solution provider. He has undertaken a number of roles in his time with Grant UK having worked in sales, responsible for Wales & East Anglia, processing orders and returns between 2005 and 2008. He then took a 6 month sabbatical visiting Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. Simon then returned to the fold, working this time within the marketing department. Simon remarked;

“It’s great working here; I still get to talk to some of my regular customers and also assist those joining our support and incentive scheme.”

With an estimated 32 milk cartons per month amongst the 6 bin bags full of plastic, glass, card, paper and the likes, it is surprising the huge volume of waste generated by the employees alone. From a business perspective Grant’s metal, plastic, shrink wrap, cardboard and waste paper is collected and processed by local business, Wiltshire Waste ( Any monies generated are donated to charity, with the choice of beneficiary being voted on by staff at Grant.

Mark Snook, Purchasing Manager added;

“When making business purchases it’s always a factor we try and incorporate in our daily routine. For example all our packaging is from an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved source.”

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