Get the wow factor with smart home technology

Over the last couple of years, home technology has been referred to in a number of ways: smart home, home automation, custom installation and the integrated home.

To give a simple definition, it is the integration of technology in the home. This includes a wide range of features, such as entertainment systems, multi-room audio, lighting control, smart security, heating systems, blind control and so on. The majority of people now use some sort of technology in their life, for lifestyle and/or work. Thanks to iPhones, iPads and other devices, we as a society have never been more in tune with technology. Home technology provides a multitude of benefits to us.

The benefit of home technology is that all integrated technology can be controlled from one interface, either on control panels situated throughout the home or via mobile devices, proving the simplicity and ease of managing home technology.

From finger-tip electronic control over any aspect of your home, to pre-programmed settings that turn on your lights and unlock your doors when your car pulls in the drive, home technology is the future of 21st century homes. Capable of assisting us with everyday duties to bespoke requests, home technology is becoming the norm for homeowners up and down the country, with more and more of us installing it in our homes.

Today’s integrated home allows you to control, conceal and operate electronic systems within your home as never before – this is the world of CEDIA, the leading global authority for home technology professionals, who can make this dream a reality.

Home cinemas sweep the nation
Home cinemas are increasingly being seen as somewhat ‘essential’ in modern family homes and are fast becoming the new social hub for the family.  Today’s home cinema is multi-functional as families use the room to rekindle, bond, entertain guests and relax and unwind.

The latest trends in home cinema design are varied and dependent upon how the space is used within the home. Each household has their own preferences, and you can design your home cinema room exactly to your wants and needs.

Many homes reflect the idea of a ‘Hybrid space’.  This is where the media and technology is incorporated into the living space, as it still allows room for family living and comforts, with the benefits of having access to media, sound and visuals as and when required.

However the room is used, an integrated smart home automation system is a must.

Touch panels, voice controlled systems or app controlled technology are the latest essentials to give you full control of your automated system without the need for multiple remote controls. At the touch of a button, living rooms can be transformed into a luxurious home theatre. Blinds drop, LED’s dim, the large screen on the wall turns on and your favourite media all appears seamlessly through an integrated control system.

Standing out in today’s competitive housing market can be difficult, so future proofing your property and offering something unique will increase its market value to prospective buyers. An integrated home cinema is an asset to any property if correctly wired and installed, even if you take the removable technology – projector, DVD player, soundbar – with you. As well as giving a property that added wow factor, a home cinema with a prewired cabling infrastructure is highly appealing to many prospective buyers.

How CEDIA Can Help
CEDIA is the leading global authority in the home technology industry, representing professional designers, installers and manufacturers of smart home technology systems. All CEDIA professionals are trained in the latest technologies, design, project management, and installation techniques. Working with a CEDIA member is the best insurance homeowners have that the final system will meet their expectations, without any unexpected set-backs.  Your professional will also be able to look after your system, servicing, maintaining and upgrading the technology as required, long after your installation is completed.

Build a relationship with a home technology professional
To ensure the best service from design to installation, it’s important to build a relationship with a home technology professional from the get-go. CEDIA members are the best informed and trained in the latest technologies, design, project management and installation techniques. CEDIA members understand that technology in the home is a significant investment and will be able to advise on what technology solution is best for you and your budget.

CEDIA Finder Service
CEDIA offers a Finder Service on its website –, which allows homeowners to locate their nearest home technology professional. Users can search CEDIA member companies by postcode, services, and certification. This provides the homeowners with enough information to decide who they should contact. If you are interested in finding out more on what technology is best for an open-plan space, please contact a CEDIA professional who will be able to provide you with expert advice. You can find your local CEDIA member via