From rural housing to high-tech showcase

Unique transformation through innovative use of perforated metal.

Welcome to Väla Gård outside Helsingborg, where the innovative facade hides an exciting transformation.

Skanska in Helsingborg wanted to bring together its many offices and locations in the city and chose Väla Gård for the purpose. The beautiful rural building was turned into modern and environmentally friendly offices through the use of solar cells and insulation. For the facade, the architects at Tengbom Arkitekter opted for perforated metal sheets from the RMIG City Emotion programme.

Väla Gård is a well-known location and a landmark for the area.  By using the creative freedom provided with RMIG City Emotion, the architects were able to design a facade that was very much in line with the architectural style and character of the existing farm buildings.

RMIG has manufactured and supplied the perforated metal sheets used for the facade at the short ends of the buildings. The use of corten steel and the tree motif created using RMIG ImagePerf, help the buildings stand out and at the same time blend perfectly into the surrounding forest area.

Technical characteristics

  • Raw material: Corten
  • Pattern: RMIG ImagePerf
  • Thickness: 2.0 mm
  • Finishing operation: Bendin

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